How to troubleshoot Canon Printer Not Responding Problem?


Canon printers are used in day-to-day life for commercial as well as the business purpose  and became an essential electronic gadget of most businesses. Canon printers are famous because of their unique design and advanced features. But, it happens that the users face the problem with the canon printer while doing the work. So, if you are also one of them and looking for the solution, then the printer troubleshooting steps provided below would be helpful for all of you.

There are various troubleshooting steps to get the printer back in normal working condition. Thus, remembering this thing in mind, we have here discussed the straightforward and less time-consuming printer troubleshooting steps.

Canon printers can run smoothly for many years, but all of a sudden can also stop responding. Therefore, it is essential to get the printer serviced after a regular interval of time. So, to get your printer repaired, take printer help from the professionals of printer service.

Due to a few reasons, the printer stops responding or fails to print. So, to relive some of the frustration apply the printer troubleshooting steps provided below. We hope that the printer troubleshooting steps discussed below would be helpful to fix the printer problem.

Steps to Troubleshoot Canon Not Responding Problem

The users who are facing printer problem, they all are recommended to follow the essential printer troubleshooting steps provided below. We hope that by applying the steps, it would become easy for the client to resolve the printer problem.

There are various types of a printer problem, but the majority of people face Canon printer not responding issue. Therefore, to overcome the printer error, for all sufferers we have here penned the printer troubleshooting steps to resolve the printer problem.

Step 1

Whenever any user gets trapped with the canon printer not responding problem, at that time first of all check the connection of the computer with the printer.

Make sure that the Canon printer is connected correctly either via cable or through a wireless connection.

After checking the connectivity, restart all devices that related to the printing Job.

Step 2

The users are suggested to run the printer troubleshooter.

The printer troubleshooter helps to detect and resolve the printer not responding issue.

Step 3

  • All print commands get managed by the printer spooler, thus due to some bugs the printer not responding problem arises.
  • Restarting the printer spooler service is a way to resolve the printer not responding error.
  • Thus, press the “Windows + R” button and then type SERVICE.MSC and then hit enter.
  • After this scroll down and double click on the printer spooler.
  • Now in the status, click on the stop button and then start again.

Step 4

  • For the smooth working of the printer, the users are recommended to configure the printer to correct printer port.
  • Press “Win+R” key together and then type devices and printers.
  • Then right-click on the printer and then select the printer properties option.
  • After this, click on general then change properties and then click on the Port tab.
  • From there, tick the port that carries the printer name and then press Apply option.
  • Select General and then click on the printer test page.

Step 5

Sometimes it happens that the printer not responding error occurs because of the outdated or old version of the printer driver.

Therefore, reinstall or update the latest version of the printer driver.

To get the best and instant solution for the printer problem, communicate with the professionals of the printer service and get rid of the printer issue. The professionals are highly qualified and have years of experience in resolving printer errors. The experts are available through the day and night to provide real-time assistance for the printer problem.

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