How do I speed up the Slow Windows Print Servers?


There might be several reasons why printer prints slow. One of those is that the windows print servers are processing print jobs inefficiently. The users who are facing the slow printing issue, for them, we have mentioned the printer troubleshooting steps to fix the printer problem.

So, the information penned here in this article would be helpful for all sufferers. Those who are looking for the solution they are the right platform.

Printer printing slowly is quite annoying printer error, and it slows down the workflow. Thus, for all users, we have penned the printer troubleshooting steps to get rid of the printer problem.

To speed up the printer servers, the users are recommended to apply the printer troubleshooting steps provided in this post. But, before this, the users need to know the reason behind the slow windows print servers issue.

Windows Print Servers

Ways for speeding up slow print servers

Different methods are there to speed up slow print servers, but here we have mentioned the simple and easy way to troubleshoot the printer error.

Adjust Windows print server configurations

There is an option available in the windows server 2012 which is named as “print spooler documents first”. Make sure that this should be yes if the print server serves multiple clients.

In case, if it is set “no”, a small job has been finished spooling but was submitted after a tremendous job, that wasn’t finished spooling, and this will sit there and wait for the massive job even if the printer is idle.

Use dedicated disk drives for spooling

With the multiple jobs sent to the windows print spooler server simultaneously, the disk drive writes and deletes data very frequently.

To improve the performance, make use of the dedicated disk drive for spooling.

Increase print server hard disk space

Another cause might be due to the small disk drive. The print job mainly grows multiple times in size when they are rendered, so this printer error can occur when the various print jobs are submitted for spooling simultaneously. Thus, ensure that the hard disk should not be too small.

Use dedicated print servers

The dedicated print servers can make it easy to maintain the print servers so that if they get clogged up, then they will not interfere with other essential applications.

Also, the print server performance won’t suffer when other applications use up the resources.

Increase the processor speed

During the massive printing hours, the process itself may become a bottleneck.

Close open collection

When the clients connect to the print servers, then the connection remains active for an extended period, and each open connection eats up the resources.

The above-discussed were the printer troubleshooting steps to resolve the printer error. Furthermore, if there is any user who fails to solve the printer problem, then for them, the printer service squad is there throughout the day and night.

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