September 29, 2021


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How to fix canon Printer error 5200?

fix canon printer error 5200

fix canon printer error 5200

Canon printer 5200 error code mainly occurs due to the ink level, and it also arises because of the faulty printer cartridge or if there is any problem with the logic board of the printer. So, for all users, who are facing the printer problem, we have here enlisted the easy and straightforward printer troubleshooting steps to fix the canon printer error.

Canon printers used worldwide and due to the multi-features are considered as the best printer in the market. The canon printer provides high-quality printer features and is also reliable. But, there are certain printer glitches due to which the users fail to take the benefits of the canon printer.

The users who are experiencing the canon printer error 5200, for them, we have come up with the most suitable and straightforward way to resolve the printer error code. In case, if any user faces canon printer error 5200, then they don’t have to worry. Users who are trying to fix the printer error, for them we have here enrolled the printer troubleshooting steps to get rid of the printer problem.

Some Common Reasons behind Canon Printer Error 5200

Apart from the features of canon printer, sometimes, it happens that the canon printer error annoys the users. But, before proceeding further with the steps to resolve the printer error, first of all, get aware of the reasons behind the printer error.

  • If the ink level in the printer is low, then the canon printer error will appear on the screen
  • The defective printer cartridge results in the canon printer error
  • Improper functioning of the cartridge leads to the printer error 5200

So, these all were the reasons due to which the canon printer error takes place. Hence, after getting aware of the root cause behind the printer problem, then scroll down and read the steps penned below to fix the canon printer error.

How to fix canon printer error 5200
How to fix canon printer error 5200

Quick Method to Resolve Canon printer error 5200

The users who are facing the canon printer error 5200 and are looking for a reliable way to cope with the printer problem, then they are at the right place. Here we have outlined some easy and straightforward resolution steps to fix the canon printer error. So, to resume the printing activity, perform the steps as mentioned below.

Method 1

Reset the canon printer

  • In this method, users have to perform these steps to reset the Canon printer. So, the necessary steps are mentioned below.
  • Turn off the printer by clicking the power button
  • Then, press and hold the stop button
  • After this, press and hold Power ON button
  • Now as the Power on button is held, so the release the start/stop button
  • Then, as the Power on button is pressed, the start/stop button is to be pressed twice
  • Once done, then the power button has to be released
  • Now, wait until the printer shows an “idle message”. Usually, this message will get displayed in a minute.
  • For exposing the cartridges, the top cover is to be opened as the idle message appears on the screen.
  • Now, make sure that the cover of the printer cartridge holder is to be lifted and black and colour cartridges to be taken out.
  • Then, the cover of the cartridge holder is to be returned
  • After this, the printer should be turned off.
  • Carefully place the top cover again and turn on the printer once again.
  • After the printer initializes, then return the printer cartridge.
canon printer error 5200
canon printer error 5200

So, these all were the methods to resolve the printer error. In case, if anyhow the above-listed process does not work, then ask for printer help from the experts of the printer service. Furthermore, if you all find the steps satisfactory to resolve canon printer error 5200, then please do share this post with others, so that they can also get aware of the methods to fix the canon printer error. Read our blog about canon printer error b200