How To Fix Canon Printer Error B200


In this post, you will be going to learn how to fix canon printer error b200 by yourself. Usually, the fault of any printer indicates that the print head has died the print head voltage or the printhead temperature is not normal. B200 error indicates that print head is damage. Or there is a problem with the cartridges.

The Canon printers come in 2 cartridges or 4+ cartridges. If there are four or more cartridges on your printer, then follow the steps mentioned below. If you have a printer with two cartridges, skip to the next section.

Steps to solve canon printer b200 error

Step 1: Remove all cartridges. Open the lid of your printer, and the cartridge cradle will start to move into the correct position for being removed. Remove all the individual cartridges from your printer.

Step 2: Remove the printhead. In case of affected print head, remove it by lifting the orange/ grey locking lever of the cartridge cradle. This will allow the printhead to be removed easily.

Step 3: Re-install the print head. Clean the print head and put it back in its original position. Make sure that it is placed firmly into place.

Step 4: Re-install the cartridges. Put all the cartridges back correctly into their slots and close any open doors. The printer will start reading the cartridges and print heads.

Step 5:  Restart the printer. Remove the printer plug from the power source and leave it for a few minutes. The printhead and the cartridge slots will be cooled. Put the device back into the wall socket.

Step 6: Do a Nozzle check. The canon printer B200 error happens when the printer uses the print head. So, perform a nozzle check to ensure that the correct cartridge got replaced with the nozzle check. Once it gets confirmed, proceed to use the printer regularly.

If the problems are not fixed, you will need to replace the print head with a new one.

After knowing what you have to do when you have a printer with two cartridges now, let’s discuss the Printer troubleshooting steps for the canon printer B200 error.

Printer troubleshooting steps of printer error B200 

To solve printer error problem do follow the mentioned steps which are given below;

1. Firstly, you need to reset the printer. 

2. If any obstruction were present, then, remove it.

3. By using your PC’s printer maintenance options clean printer head.

4. Ensure you will clean the print head manually clean the print head.

5. Then, remove the old ink. 

6. After that re-install your drivers of the printer. 

7. Meanwhile, try a new ink cartridge. 

8. Consequently, if none of those mentioned above methods works then the B200 error is probably valid.

This is some major printer service solutions we have for you. We ensure you that by applying these methods, you can solve Canon Printer error B200. Furthermore, if the problem remains the same, then visit the service centre of your printer.

What is canon printer Error B200?

The canon printer b200 error states that there is some problem with the printhead. Likewise, it is a very common printer problem. Thus due to this printer problem, the user fails to print their document. The troubleshooting of the canon printer b200 error is simple and easy. Thus, here in this section, we have tabled the steps to resolve the printer problem.

The canon printer b200 error indicates that the print head has died. But instead of trashing the printer, resolve the printer problem. The issue is associated with the printhead or with the printer. However, canon b200 printer error arises due to the damaged print head. To get rid of the printer b200 error, scroll down and read the steps as mentioned below or take printer help from the printer service experts.

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