How to fix printer settings “Could not be saved” issue?


The users who encounter “Could not be saved” issue while printing, then for all of them we’ve enlisted the printer troubleshooting steps to fix the printer problem. Although, the “could not be saved” error message states that there is some operational error of the printer. Thus, when at the time of printing, if any user encounters this printer problem, then it is very frustrating and annoying. So, to deal with such printer problem, for all users, we have below mentioned the printer troubleshooting steps to get rid of the fix printer settings.

If any user face “Could not be saved” issue and look for the solution to get out of the printer problem, then they don’t have to worry. To fix such uncertain and unexpected printer error, the users are suggested to go through the printer troubleshooting steps penned below carefully. But, apart from this, if there is any user who seeks for expert assistance, then they all are recommended to take printer help from the printer service experts.

Ways to resolve “Could not be saved” issue

The main reason behind “Could not be saved” printer error is due to the Firewall service of the windows has been disabled or has stopped working.

To get the printer back to its normal condition, the users would have to, first of all, enable the Windows Firewall service and then carry out a series of execution functions.

Before sharing a file, the users are recommended to enable advanced printer settings, read our blog brother printer offline fix

Steps to fix “Could not be saved” Issue 

The users who get trapped with the “could not be saved” Issue, for them we have here penned the printer troubleshooting steps to resolve the printer problem. So, all users must carefully read the steps and apply the same to get out of the printer problem.

  • Go to the settings option.
  • Then from there, click on the control panel and open it.
  • Now in the control panel, search for the “Administrative Tools”.
  • Then under the” Administrative Tools”, find the “Services” option.
  • Then click on the Services option.
  • After this, a series of options will display on the screen.

Among those options, select the “Server” option. Make sure that the “Server” option is ON because if in case the Server option is OFF, then these functions will not be available.

In case, if the users manually disable the “Server”, then all services will fail to operate depending on it.

If the Server is OFF, then select and right-click on it to turn it “ON”.

By doing this, the user will be able to share the printer driver onto the PC.

Another Method to Fix “Could not be saved” Issue

  • Open the control panel and then from there select the “Printer and Faxes” option.
  • After this, click on the File option and then click on the properties option.
  • Then, the user will find an “Advanced” tab and then click on it, and the “Enable advanced printing selection.
  • After this, the users have to click on the Apply changes option.
  • Then again select the “Enable advanced printing” and save the changes.
  • Finally, press the “OK” button to fix the printer error.

So, the above mentioned were the printer troubleshooting steps to fix the “Could not be saved” printer error. We hope that after applying these steps, it would have become easy for all users to execute the printer problem. Furthermore, if there is any user who is looking for expert assistance, then they all are recommended to take printer help from the well-versed and trained experts of the printer service.

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