September 28, 2021


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How to fix the HP printer error 89?

How To Fix Error 89

How To Fix Error 89

Let us start knowing What HP Printer error 89 is?

The error is referred to be as the postscript (ROM) failure in the printer. The possible reason for the error would be that ROM in the printer would have been defective due to the damaged pins and locating it improperly.

Solutions to fix Hp printer error 89:

Solution 1:

  • First, make sure that the ROM is appropriately placed in the printer.
  • When the issue occurs, try switching off the computer and printer for a while.
  • Restart it after a while; even if the issue keeps repeating, the ROM hardware is probably broken, and a new one requires.

Solution 2:

  • If the earlier step does not work, try this method; you would have to check the pins as there are high chances that the pins might be damaged and broken, hence try to make the nails then and adequately reset and restart the printer.

Solution 3: 

  • As you know, the issue lies in the printer, so the critical thing here lies in that the printer requires to be power cycled.
  • Now, you would have to remove all the papers which are placed in the printer.
  • You would have to perform now the restart function; that is, you are supposed to carefully switch off the power button and detach the cable from the connector.
  • After waiting for a couple of minutes, place the cable with the connector and switch on the power button to make printer Online.
  • Now, a motor-diagnostic test needs to be performed to determine the issue in the printer.
  • Also, it would better if you made sure that the motor is not damaged and is correctly connected to the engine.
  • After performing the above, you would have to replace the motor carefully.


It is essential to check whether the ROM is in good working condition; if it is in working condition, then the above solutions are performed, and it has resulted in many times that the issue gets resolved. But, in case if the ROM is in a defective condition, then the above solutions will not work, and the best way to fix it would be to replace the ROM hardware by contacting the professional authorities of the printer. I hope this helps!