How To Make Print Of Brother Printer Darker  


Today we are going to tell you how you make your Brother Printer Print Darker. Every user has a face printer problem as it is a prevalent issue. We see that the user didn’t get the right way of a solution to fix the brother printer print issue.

So, we are going to reveal some of the important steps which will make your brother printer print darker. The tips about which we are going to discuss surely would be useful for you. Therefore read the full article and instruction carefully to get out of the trouble easily.

Brother Printer Darker 

This article are going to tell you some of the easiest ways for your brother printer print darker. These tips will be helpful for you so, for the good result and complete solution read the below lines carefully.

But before that one more question appears that is how you can improve the quality of faded print to the darker one. Basically, this question is similar to our main question. It is just that the way of question or thinking is a little bit different.

Solution to get you rid out of the brother printer print darker is given below

  • Firstly you have to verify that the paper which you are using is plain and should be recycled or multi-purpose. And the weight of the paper must be around between 16-24 lb.
  • After that, click in OK button three times to know the print of print setting report. By which you can examine each of the print quality to the print printed pages.
  • Now, you have to examine the printed text closely and printer setting report of the horizontal lines on each of the pages.
  • Then to exit the current menu press cancel and after that press the OK button three times for printing the printer settings.
  • Now, to remove the drum and the toner assembly open the front cover of your brother printer gently.

After applying these steps gently clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit by sliding the green tab, which is located at the top of the drum unit, from left to right several times. Now before reinstalling the drum unit assembly return the green tab to the real position.

On the right side of the drum, while looking at the drum and toner cartridge, you can see two small pieces of metal. Which is look like staples aligned vertically and from the side of a metal rod protrudin. Now with the help of a soft cotton dry cloth clean off these pieces.

  1. To distribute the toner evenly shake the toner smoothly from one side to another for almost 5 to 6 times evenly inside the cartridge.
  2. Into the machine reinstall the toner assembly and drum then close brother printer front cover.
  3. Press the OK button thrice the times now to printing the printer settings.

After doing this if the brother printer print darker then the problem is solved. But, in case it remains the same then get an instant solution by calling on brother printer customer service that’s all the solution for your problem.

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