September 29, 2021


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How to resolve Hp printer out of paper error?

Hp printer out of paper error

Hp printer out of paper error

Sometimes it happen while printing a document on a Hp printer, and the user may receive a Hp printer error message saying “Out of paper”, even if paper tray is loaded. The Hp printer out of paper error mainly occurs if there is an issue with the paper tray of the printer. When the users encounter such Hp printer problem, then they all can quickly troubleshoot the issue with the help of the printer troubleshooting steps discuss below.

With the printer troubleshooting steps provided here, the Hp printer out of paper error will get resolved quickly. So, for a hassle-free printing experience, all users recommend to scroll down and apply the steps as discuss below to get rid of the Hp printer problem.

There are several ways to troubleshoot the Hp printer error, as such problem gets quickly resolved through multiple ways. But, the steps enrolled here are simple and straightforward, so scroll down and check the steps as discussed below to resolve the printer problem.

Steps to fix the Hp printer out of paper error

To avoid the Hp printer out of the paper issue, all users should use a good quality of paper that meets the printer specifications. Thus, such Hp printer problem gets resolve by applying the printer troubleshooting steps as enlisted below.

How to resolve Hp printer out of paper error

Turn off the printer and then again turn it ON


The users should, first of all, turn the printer off and then turn it ON. Thus, by doing this, the print mechanism will get reset. Hence for that, check the steps penned below.

  • Hold and press the power button to turn off the printer
  • After this, wait for a minute
  • To start the printer press the power button.

Check the paper condition

All users face the Hp printer out of paper issue, they all are recommend to check the condition of the paper.

  • Carefully remove the paper stack from the printer tray.
  • Then check if there is any obstacle inside the tray. To view the mechanism inside the tray and ensure that nothing blocks the paper from engaging with the rollers make use of a torch.
  • Check the condition of the paper; if there is any rip, curly, dusty, wrinkle or bent paper, then replace it instantly.
  • Make sure that the paper inside the tray is of the same size
  • The users should avoid loading, mixed types of paper in the tray.

Clean the paper pick rollers

  • To perform these steps, users should turn off the printer.
  • After this, disconnect the power cord
  • Now, raise the input tray
  • Then, pull the paper tray back and hold it to look inside the input tray
  • Now, find the grey paper pick rollers
  • Then wet a cotton gauge with distilled water and then squeeze any excess water from the swab.
  • After this, leave the rollers for a few minutes to dry
  • Now, again connect the power cord to the printer and then turn on the printer.

While doing all these procedures if any user encounters problem. Then they all suggested to take printer help from the experts of the printer service. If by apply the steps, the Hp printer out of paper error gets resolve. Then do share this article with other Hp printer users so that they also get aware of steps to get rid of the Hp printer problem. Also read about canon printer error b200