September 29, 2021


Common Printer Problems and Solutions

How to resolve Hp printer paused Issue?

How to resolve Hp printer paused Issue?

How to resolve Hp printer paused Issue?

While performing the print task, if any user encounters Hp printer paused issue, then don’t get confused because here we’ve penned the steps to resolve the printer problem. Such type of printer error arises due to several reasons like print spooler, outdated printer software, paper jamming issue or no cartridge issue.

In case, if the printer stops or gets paused in between, then try to resolve the printer error by applying the methods provided in this post. Resoling hp printer paused issue could be comfortable and to avoid such printer error in future perform the steps as mentioned below.

Printers have become the most significant part of life to fulfil all print tasks. But, in case, if due to some technical issues, the users face Hp printer paused error, then they should not worry. For an immediate solution for the Hp printer paused issue, feel free to ask for help from the professionals of the printer service.

Steps to fix Hp Printer Paused Issue

Before, asking for printer help from the printer service experts, try to fix the Hp printer paused error by applying the steps as enlisted in this post. So, thoroughly check the ways provided below to get rid of the Hp printer paused error.

The users who confront the Hp printer paused error and want an immediate solution to cope-up, then they are at the right place. So, scroll down and collect the information enrolled here and get out of the printer problem.

Several methods are there to resolve the hp printer paused error, but here we have come up with the most convenient and straightforward printer troubleshooting steps. Thus, go through the methods provided below. If due to any reason the printer problem does not get resolved, then without wasting much time, feel free to take printer help from the professionals of the printer service.

Hp printer paused Issue
Hp printer paused Issue

Method 1

  • The users are suggested to check in the settings whether the pause button is “ON”.
  • On the printer case that has a set of buttons on it, position the control panel on the front of the Hp printer.
  • After this, press and release the power button. Then by doing this, the printer won’t get pause anymore.
  • Then, to confirm the computer’s software, users are suggested to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, open the computer’s taskbar and then double click on the “Hp printer” icon.
  • Then a list of all documents required to print will open on the screen of the system.
  • Now right click on the screen having a status listing of “Paused”.
  • Click on the “Resume” option so that the Hp printer paused error gets resolved.

Method 2

  • All windows desktop operating users are suggested to click on the start option >>>settings option>>>printers.
  • Then right-click on the printer icon.
  • From there, choose the “Pause printing” or “work offline” option. In case, if the option is enabled, then remove the checkmark from there.
  • After this, again print a test page.
  • If the Hp printer paused errors remains the same, and then arrange a parallel connection.
  • Carefully turn the printer off or detach it from the network.
  • Then, with the help of the parallel cable, connect the personal computer or laptop.
  • Now switch ON the printer
  • Once the task gets completed, then print the document again.

Hope these methods were helpful for you to resolve the Hp printer paused error. But, if there is any user who seeks for the printer help, then take printer help from the professionals of printer service squad. To know about canon printer error b200 click here.