How to fix Issue Of Printer Spooler Service Not Running


In this article, we are going to discuss some of the significant troubleshooting processes to resolve the issue of printer spooler service, not running. We are here to suggest all the users read this article completely without escaping any line of this.

You might be aware that there are so many different methods available for your problem regarding the error of printer spooler on the social site or the internet. But, you can hardly find or might not found the solution regarding what to do to fix the print spooler keeps stopping problem.

Don’t worry like in above lines we already mention that this article is here for answering your question. But further, we discussed it; first, we should quickly let’s talk the service of print spooler.

Printer Spooler service

Service Of Printer Spooler

Window system which deals in handling all jobs related to the printer which is requested by the client from the printer Print Spooler referred to service of print spooler. The user can easily interact with the printer and queue print jobs with the help of printer spooler service. Even, this service allows their users to discard any print job occupied in the waiting state.

Things Which Fix Print Spooler Service Is Not Running 

Sometimes it happens when you try to install the printer, that the spooler is not working and an error appears on the screen. If after many times of resolving the issue printer spooler not running then, the user needs to fix the problem which caused the printer error. Here we give you step-by-step guidance to fix the printer spooler not working issue. 

Steps To Fix Issue Of Printer Spooler Service Is Not Running

For all the user who is suffering from printer print spooler service here, we have some troubleshooting process for them. So, if you also stuck in this problem then, you should read this instruction carefully because after applying them in the same issue you can quickly get relief.

1. Firstly, you have to open the menu then, to open the Run dialog, press Window key + R.

2. After that type MSC, then press OK and hit to enter.

3. Then click twice to the service of Printer Spooler and then to change the startup you have to type Automatic.

4. That will set service of the printer spooler to start automatically. When you restart the computer, make sure you will select, OK.

5. Once you did all this then, after restarting the computer tries to install the printer again.

So, the client who is looking for the suggestion regarding this issue then, this article will surely help you with this as we assure you that these are the easiest steps towards your fix Issue Of Printer Spooler Service Not Running.

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