How To Fix Slow Printing Speed Error Related In Canon Printer?


Usually, the issue of slow printing speed is related to network problem In printer and overload in the server of the printer. There could be much other reason behind the canon printer slow speed error. Slow printing also caused due to choosing a particular type of paper.

For getting high speed or proper performance of result, we are advising all the users to use plain paper. The user can get high speed at low cost quickly by using plain paper for printing. But sometimes the issue of slow printing can be caused due to some canon printer technical problem. As to the machine technical problem can be caused some significant obstacle.

In offices for completing the printing tasks, usually the printer used as a mechanical device. From printing the document to scan the document, printers come with multiple features. You can use Canon Printer for your official works as well for your own work as they come in good quality.

slow printing speed

Slow printing speed is a widespread problem which is present. In every printer, even you can see this issue in Canon printer as well. We are going to talk about troubleshooting steps to fix slow printing speed error related in canon printer.

To get a quick relief client can also connect to the printer service expert as they can provide the solution to the client. Even you can follow the troubleshooting steps for the printer which is mentioned below as they can easily remove the error of the printer.

Troubleshooting Process of Canon Printer Slow Printing Speed

There are three important and easy steps to fix slow printing speed error related in canon printer quickly. That written below;

1.Cancel All The Printing Jobs  

In this, you have to make sure that all of the cables are connected correctly or not. Then, open the control panel after that select option of view device and printer to rectify this purpose. From there, make a right-click once again and choose the printer properties option. Once you did this click on the ports, make sure that all ports have removed. Then, to apply alteration, click on the option of OK. Click on the printer icon which available on the taskbar to see the number of jobs in the queue.

  1. Automatic Duplexing Of The 

In this solution, you have to open the printer properties, in the staring. Then, click on the setting tab of the device. After that, for the checkbox to allow manual duplexing to execute the steps. Finally, you have to click on the option of OK.

  1. Change The USB Port And Remove Other Printer 

Last, solution to get rid of your problem, which is how you can fix slow printing speed error related in canon printer. So, for that, you have to change the USB and remove other printers. That’s how your Canon printer speed increased.

So by this following troubleshooting printer steps, you can easily get relief from the  printer not printing. Still, in case you don’t get the points, then do communicate with the printer experts.

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