September 29, 2021


Common Printer Problems and Solutions

What are the ways to resolve Brother Printer Error 32?

resolve Brother Printer Error 32

Brother Printer Error 32

The Brother Printer error 32 indicates that there is some paper or labels stuck inside the printer or the drum unit. So, all users recommended using only genuine drum units, cartridge and the toner. So, for all users, we have here tabled the printer troubleshooting steps to fix the printer error. Thus, all users who are facing the printer problem, they all are suggested to use the genuine parts and hence below we have tabled the following steps to fix the printer error 32.

All users recommended disassembling the printer to make sure that there is no unwanted material stuck inside the printer. So, unwind the drum unit, toner and the printer cartridge to verify f there is any paper or labels got stuck in them.

Brother Printer Error 32

How to fix brother printer error 32?

The users who got trapped with the brother printer error 32, they all should not worry as here we have enrolled the printer troubleshooting steps to get out of the printer problem. Therefore, users should follow the following steps to disassemble the printer.

  • Turn the printer off by unplugging the device. Switch off the main plug or processing the power switch found on the right side of the machine.
  • Now, on the front side of the printer, there is a Release button. Then pull it up and open the front cover.
  • After opening the front cover, the user would be able to see the drum unit of the printer.
  • Then, hold the green handle that has a black circle sticker having a white number 1 on it. Now, lift the drum unit and slide it out till it stops.
  • Now, release the grey lock levers to the side, this enables the user to lift the front of the drum unit and take it out entirely from the printer.

Ways to clean Drum unit, toner, toner cartridges, transfer belt, and the waste toner box

After removing the drum unit, users will have to clean these things mentioned below. So, follow the steps as discussed below.

Cleaning the drum unit

  • Clean the toner cartridge
  • Clean the toner
  • Clean the transfer belt
  • Clean the waster toner box

Cleaning the drum unit 

  • Carefully look inside the printer and remove if there are any paper scraps or labels in the unit.
  • Clean the toner cartridge
  • Remove every toner cartridge one at a time and pull them out of the drum unit.
  • Now, there will be 4 slots on the drum unit where the toners placed.
  • Then carefully remove if there is any piece of the paper found inside the printer cartridge.

Clean the Toner

  • Turn over the toners and if there is any piece of paper, then remove the scraps found on the toners.

Clean the transfer belt

  • By holding the green part of the belt and lifting and pulling it out of the machine, remove the transfer belt from the printer.
  • Now, inspect the belt for any foreign material.
  • Then, to make sure that the entire surface of the belt is completely clean, rotate the belt with the help of the gear.
  • Clean the waste toner box
  • Where the belt installed, there the user will find a waste toner box.
  • Now, remove the waste toner box and clean it thoroughly.
  • Make sure that there is nothing else inside the machine.

So, now after cleaning everything, reassemble the printer. Then turn on the printer and then print a test page to ensure that whether the brother printer 32 got resolved or not. But, if anyhow any user fails to solve the printer error 32, then feel free to take printer help from the printer service team. To know about brother printer offline fix click here