September 29, 2021


Common Printer Problems and Solutions

Why is my HP printer not printing?

hp printer not printing

hp printer not printing

My Hp printer won’t print a prevalent issue and takes place due to different reasons such as missing or faulty connections, the bad configuration in windows and outdated printer driver. Along with this, issues like ink issue or paper jam also results in hp printer not printing issue.

Hp makes a large variety of printers that are used  many organization for printing excellent pictures, scanning and copying documents and printing text in colour or black and white. Like other electrical equipment, the printer is also prone to technical hiccups. Thus, the users who are looking for the solution regarding why won’t my hp printer print, for them we’ve here penned the printer troubleshooting steps to resolve the hp printer not printing issue.

Reasons behind my hp printer won’t print 

Before we talk about the printer troubleshooting steps to resolve the printer problem, we have below mentioned the reasons due to which the hp printer not printing issue takes place. Thus, below we have penned the following points due to which my hp printer won’t printer takes place.

The wired or wireless network printing issue leads to hp printer not printing issue

Problem with the USB cable connection

Paper Jam issue results in why won’t my printer print issue.

The hp printer not printing issue arises due to printer driver

Steps to fix why won’t my printer print

All users are suggested to thoroughly read the printer troubleshooting steps to solve the printer problem. So, with the help of the ways penned below, it would become easy for all users to fix the why won’t my hp printer print issue.

Check HP Printer Status

To eradicate this printing issue, you should check your printer status like:

Make sure that there is a bundle of papers seated in the paper tray

Make sure, not even a single paper stuck or jammed in the paper feed

Ink or toner shouldn’t be empty

Cancel All HP Printer Jobs

Many times when you send documents in printer for printing, paper can become stuck in the print queue. If the printed paper stays in the print queue, it can stop all other printing papers. In this case, clearing out the print queue of all jobs might help in getting the newer print requests to go fine. Let’s start to do so!

First of all, on your Windows open the “Control Panel”.  

Select “Devices and Printers” from the option

Now, find your HP printer in the list of printing devices and give a right-click on it

Select “See what’s printing” from the drop-down list

When the new page gets open, click the “Printer” menu item in the top right and select “Open as Administrator” in the drop-down menu

Now, open the “Printer” menu item in the top right again and click on the “Cancel All Documents.”

At this time a confirmation dialog window will open. You only need to confirm you want to clear all documents in the print queue by selecting “Yes.”

Why won't my printer print
Why won’t my printer print

Set Your HP Printer as Default Printer

If your printer connection is all OK but nothing is printing, the reason could be that your HP Printer is not set to default in your operating device. Hence, check that and make sure your HP printer is set as default printer. To check it out, follow the below steps:

Go to the “Control Panel” by clicking on the “Start” logo button

Select “Devices and Printers” from those given multiple options

Find your HP printer is the list and give a right-click on it

After that select “Set as default printer” from the drop-down menu

Press the “Yes” button to confirm the changes

After doing so, you can see an excellent little green check mark below the icon of your HP printer; which indicates that your HP printer now set as default printer

After this, users are suggested to run a print command and then check whether hp printer won’t print error gets resolved or not. But if anyhow, after applying the printer troubleshooting steps, the printer error does not get resolved, then take printer help from the well-trained team of printer service. Also read about brother printer offline fix.